Tash Kalar Arena of Legends

Become a powerful wizard and enter the arena to fight with others like you. Use your magic stones and make suitable patterns in order to summon powerful creatures which will help you in the battlefield. Who is going to summon the strongest monsters and prevail? Who is the strongest among the mythical creatures?

Number of players: 2-4

Average Duration: 30’

Age: 13+

MSRP: $50

Thumbs Up:

Component Quality: Although the contents of the box are few, they are made by good and sturdy materials. The cards are very nicely illustrated but not quite impressive, with relaxing colors and the two-sided board reminds of an arena.

Game Mechanics: The mechanics in Tash Kalar where you use the patterns and the placement of your stones in order to summon the monsters in the arena, is a fresh and innovative idea. Also, the time that is required to understand the game is very little so you don’t get tired.

Interaction: Interaction in Tash Kalar is evident even from the first round, intense and continuous, both in a game with 2 players as well as with 4.

Replayability: The fact that Tash Kalar introduces many and different game mechanics, in 4 modes, either to play individually or in groups, increases durability, by applying a diversity in the game.

Rules: The rules are clear, without grey areas. The rule book is rich in examples that explain everything, while at the same time the one-page summary of the rules make the game simple and comprehensive for all 4 different modes, helping that way to be easily learnt.

Thumbs Down:

Luck vs Strategy: Tash Kalar is a game which requires too much thought in every round. However, it doesn’t give the players the chance to build a long-term strategy, but more a short-term tactic which will be effective only during their turn, as the unexpected order with which the cards will be dealt, will lead to unexpected moves and will destroy every possible strategic plan you may have built up.

Interraction: Although the game mechanics are quite innovative and interesting as we have already mentioned, quite often the theme is not expressed through them, and the player simply feels that they are placing markers to the corresponding grids on the board, while trying to have the biggest benefit from the cards that they have in their hand. An important disadvantage to such a competitive game is the absence of a satisfying rule which will declare a winner in case of a tie.

Downtime: The time that you will have to wait until your turn comes again is quite enough, as the game naturally forces the players to think of their every move. At the same time, it’s completely useless as you can’t make any strategic plan because when your turn comes again, the board will have changed in a way which will make you start from scratch.

Final Verdict:

Tash Kalar is a game that introduces a very fresh and interesting idea in terms of mechanics. However, it leaves you with mixed feelings as it requires too much thought and careful moves, without giving players the chance to build their strategy.

Who is it for:

Family Gamer: No. Although Tash Kalar is an easy to learn game, it’s really heavy, tiring and very competitive and thus not fit for this category.

Social Gamer: No. This is a game that requires too much thought and is played by few players.

Strategy Gamer: Maybe. Although it doesn’t give you the chance to build a long-term strategy, the careful tactic decisions that you are called to take in every round, is a characteristic which will satisfy many players of this category.

Hobby Gamer: Maybe. The game mechanics are unique and don’t remind of any other game, so it’s perfect for the collection of every player of this category.
Hardcore Gamer: Yes. Although the game doesn’t allow you to build your own deck of cards, its intensively competitive character in conjunction with the vivid element of tactic that the game requires, will definitely satisfy the players of this category.

Game contents:

84 Being Cards
24 Task Cards
12 Flare Cards
Double-Sided Game Arena
68 Double-Sided Cardboard Pieces
12 Legendary Cardboard pieces
4 Double-Sided Score Boards
1 Rulebook

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