Take on the role of a Super Villain or to be more precise, the role of a Villain who is trying to become Super and get ready to enter the pages of a comic of the past decades.

Take on the role of a Super Villain or to be more precise, the role of a Villain who is trying to become Super and get ready to enter the pages of a comic of the past decades. In Villainy each player tries to be the first who will be able to fulfill their three evil plans, while recruiting followers and committing petty crimes in order to gain the necessary experience and going to work which will provide them the money needed to carry out their mission.



Number of players: 2-4

Average duration: 90'

Age: 12+

MSRP: $ 49.99

Thumbs Up:


Gameplay: Villainy's gameplay delivers the humorous comic character of the game in an excellent way, while it manages to keep the players' interest, without being tiring, as in each round you will have at your disposal a fairly wide variety of options available.

Luck vs Strategy:
Although the luck factor is clearly present in this game, it is a feature which in no way largely affects the outcome of the game, while it manages to add to the already light gameplay.

Although the interaction between players is not too strong, it definitely exists and occurs both directly and indirectly.

Level of difficulty:
Villainy can in no waybe described as a simple game as it features a plethora of activities and has several details in different parts of the rules. However you will see it is not very difficult to learn and the fact that every action makes absolute sense thematically contributes a lot to its easy learning.

Thumbs Down:


Component Quality: The illustration of the title is ok, but not exquisite, both in terms of the illustration on the cards and on the various tokens of the game. Material quality is better, with the main black spot being the box interior which is not properly configured for storing the contents.

Setup time:
The fact that the interior of the box is not properly configured is a feature which increases the time you will need to setup the game as well as to store it, as you will be required to store the various tokens and cards in separate containers. 


Final Verdict:


Villainy is a very fun game that manages to provide a fairly satisfactory depth of strategic options and is definitely a title that will fully satisfy those who love comics - but not only them.


Who is it for:


Family Gamer: Yes. Both the theme and the humorous approach of the game, combined with the relaxed but very interesting gameplay ensure that Villainy will fully satisfy the players in that category.

Social Gamer: No. The limited number of players in combination with several deep strategic options and the fact that interaction is not the main feature of the gameplay make Villainy an unsuitable title for Social Gamers.

Strategy Gamer: Maybe. Although strategy is one of the features of this game, it is in no case its key feature.

Hobby Gamer: Yes. Although the contents of the game will not impress players, its theme and the excellent way in which this is conveyed in the game, make Villainy a suitable match for hobby gamers.

Hardcore Gamer: Maybe. The competitive nature of the game and the numerous configuration options of your team and characters, will satisfy many gamers of this category. However the title's simplicity and the fact that competition between players is more indirect will repel some of them.


Game Contents:


168 cards
4 Control Panels (1 per player)
48 Control Dials (12 per player)
48 Control Dial Bases (12 per player)
4 Fight Markers(1 per player)
35 Action Cubes (8 per player)
Cubes of Power aka: Dice (1 per player)
48 Specialty Tokens (weapons, gadgets, skills, & more)
6 Notoriety Tokens
1 Help Wanted Token
102 Villainous Name-builder tiles
1 Rule Book (8 pages)





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