Swim as fast as you can around a small island and try to be the turtle that will manage to collect the most eggs.

Swim as fast as you can around a small island and try to be the turtle that will manage to collect the most eggs.

Mahe is a simple game of luck and strategy where you try to move your turtle as fast as you can around the island of Mahe with the help of the dice and manage to gather the most eggs.


Number of players: 2-7

Average duration: 30’

Age: 7+

MSRP: $25

Thumbs Up:

Gameplay: One of the key characteristics of the game is the way the turtles move, as in your turn you can use one to three dice, with the danger to have a sum of more than 7 - in this case you have to go back to the starting point. It is a simple mechanism which manages to make the game interesting, as the players are called to decide when it is the best time to push their luck. 

Luck vs Strategy: Even though the luck factor is definitely very apparent in the game, it manages not to monopolize and not to overshadow the strategy and the choices of the players, thus being in a satisfactory balance with the strategy. 

Interaction: Another important feature of the game is the fact that when two or more turtles stop at the same point, then one hops on top of th other and when one tries to move, it carries the ones on top of it. The turtle on the very top is the one to decide how many dice will be rolled for movement and then all the turtles move or go back to the starting point, depending on the result. 

Component Quality: Even though the title components do not impress, the multicolored wooden turtles combined with the nice game board manage to create a good aesthetic result. 

Difficulty level: As it has already been mentioned, Mahe is a simple game which will not tire you to learn it, or while playing a game.

Thumbs Down:

Gameplay: Even though in a game of 2 or 3 players, each player takes control of 2 turtles, the game is sure more fun when it is played with 5 or more players. 

Rulebook: The rules of the game might be very simple and concise, however the rulebook does not help in making learing the game fun, as there are no examples or pictures in it.

Final Verdict:


Mahe is a push your luck game, that manages to keep the balance between luck, strategy and player choices, while offering a very fun, light and interesting gaming experience.


Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Yes. The light theme of the game in combination with the also light and very fun gameplay are sure to fully satisfy family gamers.

Social Gamer: Yes. The simplicity of the game, large number of players as well as the tense interaction between players, are sure to make this game a hit among this gamer type. 

Strategy Gamer: No. Even though luck does not monopolize the game, it is very tense for the taste of this gamer category. 

Hobby Gamer: Maybe. Both in terms of components as well as gameplay, Mahe is a title which will not let hobby gamers down, but will not fascinate them either.

Hardcore Gamer: No. A very simplistic game for the taste of a hardcore gamer.



Game Contents:


1 game board

7 wooden turtle pawns

3 dice

24 cards

1 rulebook

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