As the cover of the game says, "If you like Hearts and Spades, you will love Diamonds".

Diamonds is a trick taking game, with a twist. Players are not just asked to win the tricks every round, but to gather diamonds through a series of available actions, which correspond to victory points. Are diamonds forever?



Number of players: 2-6

Average duration: 30’

Age: 8+

MSRP: $25

Thumbs Up:

Gameplay: As a classic trick taking game, Diamonds asks players to win tricks. The first player is the one to define the trick that will be played and the one who plays the card with the higher value (from 1 to 15) wins the trick. However the game is not just that. The players can play a suit action, which will either grant them diamonds, or make them protect their diamonds from their opponents by placing them behind their vault. This addition gives another air to trick taking games, since now there is no bad hand and players can win in different ways. The game also gives you the option to have a full knowledge of the cards in play, which again, totally changes the course of the game. 

Component Quality: The quality and art on the cards is exceptional, while the plastic diamonds which are inside the box, are in harmony with the name of the game and makes it differ from other trick taking games. 

Durability: The fact that Diamonds is a trick taking game but has a very interesting twist, makes it a clear choice among other games of this category.


Thumbs Down:

Component Quality:While the quality and art of the cards are indeed great, this is not the case with the vault dividers, since their art style is not in line with that of the cards. Furthermore, the aid cards could be misleading, especially because the art on the cards is not the same with the art on the vault. 


Final Verdict: 

Diamonds is a simple, fast paced and fun game, which will remind you of a classic trick taking game, but becomes a unique experience due to the strategic choices it offers. 


Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Maybe. If the fact that this is a game with cards does not repel you, then it is definately a game suitable for family gamers, with simple to understand rules. 

Social Gamer: Yes. The fact that it plays up to 6 players, as well that it is simple and becomes more interesting due to the suit actions, will satisfy the gamers of this category. 

Strategy Gamer: Maybe. The choice of playing a suit action and the possibility to know all the cards that are in play do increase the strategy level in the game, however it might not please some of the strategy gamers.

Hobby Gamer: Yes. This game becomes uniquely interesting with the suit actions and for a hobby gamer is definetly a game they would like in their collection. 

Hardcore Gamer: No. Despite the increased startegy when compared with other trick taking games, it is definetly not enough to satisfy a hardcore gamer. 



Game Contents:


66 cards

6 vaults

135 plastic diamonds

1 rulebook


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