Petite Pastiche

Get ready to discover the artist inside you as you try to make copies of famous paintings from all over the world.

Get ready to discover the artist inside you as you try to make copies of famous paintings from all over the world.

In Petite Pastiche players try to fulfill commissions by mixing colors in their palette, in order to create the shades they need to complete their painting. Depending on their difficulty, each painting scores victory points, and the player who manages to gather the most, wins the game. 



Number of players: 2-4

Average duration: 45’

Age: 9+

MSRP: $40

Thumbs Up:

Gameplay: The key characteristic of the game is creating colors. This happens through a palette that is composed of hexes. The player chooses one of the two hexes they own and depending on the spot that they place it, it can either give combinations of the main colors -thus creating various shades-, or the main color itself. 

Difficulty level: The game is considered of medium to low difficulty level and the very good reference cards make playing a simple and fun experience. 

Component quality: The component quality is outstanding and the art style manages to make everything distinct and pleasant. 


Thumbs Down:

Downtime: Even though as it has been mentioned, Petite Pastiche is not a very difficult or complex game, in many occasions the players will have at their disposal several interesting choices as well as bookkeeping and this is something that increases downtime especially in a 4-player game. 

Interaction: Even though interaction is there, as players share a common palette and have the option to exchange colors, most of the time will be spent in managing resources and choosing their moves, something that barely affects the rest of the players. 


Final Verdict: 

Petite Pastiche is a game that satisfies players without fascinating them, with an interesting gameplay that comes in harmony with its theme as well as with its great components. 


Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Yes. This is definitely the player category for this game, as apart from all that has been mentioned, it also has an educational character, with references to famous painters and their art, as well as with the color combinations and the shades that result from them.

Social Gamer: No. The limited number of players as well as the gaming experience that this game offers as a whole will not satisfy the players of this category.  

Strategy Gamer: Maybe. The strategy level of the game along with the very limited luck factor will satisfy some of the gamers, without fascinating them. 

Hobby Gamer: Maybe. Petite Pastiche is a game that most hobby gamers will like, without considering it extraordinary. 


Hardcore Gamer: No. A fairly simple game for the taste of hardcore gamers, with an indifferent theme and lacking direct competition.  



Game Contents:


1 rulebook

1 initial palette tile

36 hexes

4 reference cards

8 wooden easels

23 paintings

89 color cards

1 first player card



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