Do you believe that there is a cauldron of gold at the end of the Rainbow? 

Do you believe that there is a cauldron of gold at the end of the Rainbow?

So do the Korrigans, who try to guess where the pot will appear when the rainbow is out, in order to find the gold! To get there, they will need the help of many animals, such as the rabbits and the frogs, who will carry them from area to area, but in the meantime they will also gather as much gold as possible from the four leafed clovers.


Number of players: 2-5

Average duration: 40’

Age: 8+

MSRP: $40

Thumbs Up:

Gameplay: The move mechanism is of particular interest in the game, since in order to move from an area to another, the players must get one animal, each of which have special abilities. For example the mouse can get you through bridges and the frog moves you across the river docks. These animals are hidden in the four leafed clovers in every area, and every time a player enters one, they can choose which token they get. Furthermore, when a player activates an animal, it remains active and can be used for the rest of the game. Furthermore, each player on their turn must decide in which row the rainbow will appear, thus creating coordinates for where the pot of gold will appear in the end of the game. 

Difficulty level: The game is fairly simple and fun and does not tire the players. However for those who want to check their memory, the board is double sided, with one side showing the animal needed to transfer to an area and the other being clean, so players have to remember animal abilities. 

Component quality: The game is really beautiful and the component quality is great. The board has smooth pastel colors and all the miniatures, the Korrigans, the menhirs and the cauldron, give a special look to the game. The box also has an insert so everything can fit in perfectly and organized. 


Thumbs Down:

Gameplay: Even though placing the colors of the rainbow, and thus creating coordinates for the cauldron, gives players the feeling of making a strategic choice, in reality it is almost impossible to predict where you will be by the end of the game in order to adjust the place where the pot will appear accordingly. 

Interaction: The game has tried to have some interaction elements, for example the existence of a troll that blocks player movement and removes the game screen, so opponents can see the gold you have. Even though such choices do exist, the really do not effect the course of the game. 


Co-Mix Final Verdict:

Korrigans is a game with a very interesting theme, which can be seen through the whole gameplay and purpose of the game, which will not tire players and that will offer entertainment to those who choose it. 


Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Yes. This is definitely the player category for this game, with simple rules that kids will understand and a not simplistic gameplay that will make the parents get bored.

Social Gamer: Maybe. The theme and simplicity of the game make it appropriate for this category of players, however those looking for a good time laughing will not choose this game.

Strategy Gamer: No. Even though the game looks like it offers some strategic choises, they are not the kind that would satisfy strategy gamers.


Hobby Gamer: Yes. The exceptional components of the game will fascinate and the interesting and relaxed gameplay will make hobby gamers choose this game for their collection. 

Hardcore Gamer: No. From the theme to the gamplay, this game has nothing to offer to hardcore gamers. 



Game Contents:


1 double-sided board

16 Menhirs and 16 stickers to be placed under the menhirs

10 Korrigan figurines (2 Korrigans per color)

5 screens (1 screen per Korrigan color)

1 Cauldron of gold figurine

2 Elf tokens

2 Goblin tokens

1 First player token

5 backup Companion tokens (each with one Hare side and one Squirrel side)

14 Rainbow pawns (2 pawns per color)

1 Troll token with its card stand

17 additional Clover tokens with yellow borders (used for 4 or 5 player games)

1 fabric bag


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