The trip matters more than the destination and in many cases when on a trip, you will spend some of your time at the airport.

The trip matters more than the destination and in many cases when on a trip, you will spend some of your time at the airport. In Planes you take control of five travelers and your purpose is to make them board on their flight. Before that however they will have the chance to participate in several activities and enjoy the comforts of a large airport, such as shop for souvenirs, eat and many more. 


Number of players: 2-4

Average duration: 35’

Age: 14+

MSRP: $40

Thumbs Up:

Gameplay: The key characteristic of the game is the way in which you can move the travelers/ cubes on the board, since in every round you choose a spot where at least one of your cubes is and then you move all the travelers from that spot to another area, leaving one cube to each area from which you pass. Another important characteristic of the game is its cards, which you can use either for their actions or as goals which score you points when you fulfill them. 

Interaction: Player interaction is constant as in every player round during the move phase, travelers of different players will be moved, thus effecting positioning on the  board. 

Component Quality: Component quality is great with the reference cards in the shape of a plane ticket being the highlight of the game. The artwork is satisfactory, although not stunning and everything is clear and in accordance with the theme of the game. 

Replayability: The fact that the board is double sided with two different airports, in combination with the fact that you can change several points of interest is something that adds diversity to the title. 


Thumbs Down:

Difficulty level: Planes is a fairly simple game and the only point in which you might take your time is remembering the symbols in the goal part of the cards. 


Co-Mix Final Verdict:

Even though Planes does not have any complex mechanisms or over-analyzed rules, it manages to offer interesting choices and constant interaction between players without tiring them. Lastly it needs to be noted that even if the title reminds you of the previous AEG game, Trains, it is a totally different game, since it cannot be characterized as a deck builder. 


Terra Evolution: Tree of Life Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Yes. The theme of the game as well as the gameplay are sure to satisfy family gamers. 

Social Gamer: No. Even though the title is quite simple and it has intense player interaction, the plethora of strategic choices and the limited number of players make the game unsuitable for this category.

Strategy Gamer: Maybe. The limited luck factor in combination with the strategy level that the title offers are sure to satisfy several of the gamers of this category. 

Hobby Gamer: Yes. The beautiful game components combined with the light but interesting gameplay are sure to satisfy the players of the category. 

Hardcore Gamer: No. The lack of direct competition and the simplicity of the title are sure to repel hardcore gamers. 



Game Contents:

1 Double-sided Airport Board

60 Playing Cards

4 Player Aid

20 Party Cubes

20 Neutral Cubes

4 Plane Tokens

44 Point of Interest Tokens

6 Blockage Cones

1 Boarding Token

1 Rulebook



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