Dragonsgate College

In a world infused with magic, there is a college.. 

In a world infused with magic, in a mountain where the peaks are concealed in mists, there is a college for young students with special gifts, who have everything they need to be real heros. The houses that the college consists of are in a constant conflict of domination.

Dragonsgate College is a game where players assume the roles of those Houses in order to top others in prestige points at the end of the game.

Number of players: 2-4

Average duration: 80’

Age: 12+

MSRP: $50

Thumbs Up:

Gameplay: Dragonsgate College is a Worker Placement game on point of delivering this experience to those who love this genre. In combination with the dice pool mechanic it can be differentiated from other games.

Component Quality: Components won't excite but won't disappoint either. Everything is made of great material quality and is sturdy enough. The illustration is not that impressive but it is clear and well executed.

Interaction: As expected from a game of this genre, interaction between players is minimal, but the dice rolling mechanic makes up for it, delivering a great number of choices, such as using another player's colored dice in order to perform various actions themselves.

Thumbs Down:

Rules: While trying to implement mechanics into the game in order to emphasize into the theme and also provide a sense of originality, the overcomplicated actions add less depth thus making the game look more abstract .

Setup: The game contains a lot of cards and small components without having a tray, thus making it difficult to set up and store.

Co-Mix Final Verdict:

Dragonsgate college is a board game that will satisfy most but will impress a few gamers. Having a good overall identity, it provides some clever and unique rules / mechanics that are also tiring at the same time.


Who is it for:

Family Gamer:  Maybe, The theme and the whole gaming philosophy makes it suitable for the said category, but the aforementioned complexity will definitely prevent some from enjoying it

Social Gamer:  No, this is the category that Dragonsgate college is not suited for.


Strategy Gamer:  Υes, strategy surely can have an advantage over luck and in combination with the interesting strategic decisions you have to make in the course of the game, it makes it suitable for strategy gamers.


Hobby Gamer:  Yes. A very well executed worker placement game, that Hobby Gamers will definitely want to add to their collection. 


Hardcore Gamer:  Maybe. Lack of direct competition and interraction between players is a characteristic of worker placement games that usually repels hardcore gamers. However both these elements are intense in this title and maybe intense enough to attract some of the hardcore gamers.


Game Contents:


Rules Booklet

Game Board

4 Player Boards

Tokens and tiles:

   12 Level tiles,

   12 Mastery tiles,

   30 Career tiles (Wizards, Rogues and Warriors ),

   44 Apprentice tiles (3 in each player colour, 32 generic),

   30 Professor tiles (3 in each player colour, 18 generic),

   36 Building tiles,

   16 Imp tokens,

   36 Coin tokens (values 1 and 5),

50 Wizardry cards,

4 Turn Summary,

Starting Resources and Prestige at Game End cards,

16 wooden marker cubes in 4 player colours,

16 wooden marker discs in 4 player colours,

21 dice (3 in each player colour),

8 neutral dice,

1 combined action die,

2 wooden columns (1 Starting Player marker and 1 Turn Marker)




The review copy of this game was kindly provided by NSKN Games. No other compensation was received for this review.


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