I Say Holmes!

Travel to Victorian Britain and participate in some of the cases of the famous investigator Serlock Holmes. “I Say Holmes!” is a game where players make their own story using their cards, while at the same time try to investigate each case.

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Try to create your own ice hockey team, consisting of very unique and special players and take part in a wacky league in this very fun and humorous game. In Slapshot each player tries to manage his team in the best possible way through transfers and exchanges. But be careful because other players are lurking to steal your stars and injuries will force you to make changes to your team.

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Hot Tin Roof

Hot Tin Roof

Who said cats don't want to have fun? Take the lead of a cat gang which lives on the roofs of a busy town and try to make it the richest in town, not only by creating the right passages between various roofs but also by taking control of some of them by making a shelter. You can meet the other members of your gang on a roof, but be careful because every time your cross another player’s passage or roof, you have to pay them the corresponding price. Will you become the towns Top Cat?

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