Welcome in neolithic Turkey in the settlement of Hoyuk.

Welcome in neolithic Turkey in the settlement of Hoyuk.

5 clans reside here for the past many years, cultivate their land, breed their animals and grow their families. The population has risen though and now the clans need more land. In the game each player takes the role of a clan and tries to expand and become the strongest clan in Hoyuk. By using popular mechanics such as tile placement, area control and set collection, each player tries to lead their clan to victory. Beware though, because nature can be catastrophic.


Number of players: 2-5

Average duration: 60’

Age: 10+

MSRP: $50

Thumbs Up:

Gameplay: As it has already been mentioned the game uses many known and popular mechanisms, such as tile placement, area control and set collection, something that makes it resemble to other games, but at the same time differentiates it from them. These mechanisms are harmonically mixed and create an interesting gaming experience. It is also important to mention that players can be lead to victory through various paths, and thus the game can be adjusted in different gaming styles. 

Luck vs Strategy: Strategy prevails in this game, although at first it might seem that luck plays a more significant role. The available strategic choices are many and have a certain depth. Each player can either focus on one mechanism or choose a combination of them in order to gather as many points as possible, while at the same time the will try not to let their opponents do the same. Luck comes in the game especially through the catastrophes. At first one can think that catastrophes are random and can lead to an irreversible situation, especially since they can destroy for example half of someone's houses. However catastrophes have effect on multiple players, thus there is a balance in the outcome, since there isn't just one player being destroyed while the rest remain unaffected. 

Difficulty Level: The game can be played in different difficulty levels, offering each time a very satisfactory experience. Therefore it becomes accessible to novice or young players, as well as boardgamers. 

Component Quality: The artwork resembles the wall paintings of the neolithical era, which totally conveys the theme of the game, while the component quality is of high level too.  


Thumbs Down:

Rulebook: Even though the rulebook uses enough examples and pictures to explain the rules, its structure does not make learning the game nor referencing during the game easier. 

Component Quality: Hoyuk has many components, and they could be better stored if the box had an insert. 

Final Verdict: 

Hoyuk is a game that will keep the interest of players, while the three difficulty levels, which are essentially three levels of complexity, will make the transition to the most difficult level easier. The plethora of alternatives for gathering victory points will help every player adjust their gaming style to the game, thus satisfying even the most demanding.


Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Maybe. The rulebook might seem to be challenging, however the simple gameplay - which does not lack depth of strategy - will satisfy some of the gamers in the category, but trouble others.

Social Gamer: No. Hoyuk is definitely not the game for a social gamer due to the level of strategy needed. 

Strategy Gamer: Yes. The game has multiple strategies that someone can follow and this is something that this type of gamers will like, and exploring each of the strategic choices will offer them a different gaming experience. 

Hobby Gamer: Yes. The known and popular mechanisms of the game, as well as its rich components make this a great title for hobby gamers. 

Hardcore Gamer: Maybe. The game has a great depth of strategic choices, but not as many so as to satisfy a hardcore gamer, while it also features indirect competition, which might dissatisfly some of the gamers of this category, since it lacks direct combat.


Game Contents:


1 game board 60*80cm

180 tiles and cardboards

86 meeples and tokens

94 cards


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