Exodus: Proxima Centauri (revised)

Number of players: 2-6

Average duration: 45’ per player (4 players, 3 hours)

Age: 14+

MSRP: $50

Thumbs Up:

Component Quality: The game has many markers, dice, ships and cards. The markers are made of cardboard and are very easily detached from their punch boards without any chance of destruction, thus making them of good quality.

Downtime:  All the players play at the same time so no one has to wait for the others, thus bringing downtime practically to zero.

Interaction: Apart from the fact that every player can attack to every other player’s empire, in every action they can activate the other players’ reaction, making it difficult for them to move. This increases player interaction, as well as adds more options to each player's strategy.

Gameplay: Every round consists of easy phases and therefore from the first round on, all players can play easily and fast, even if it is the first time they play the game.

Thumbs Down:

Setup Time: It takes too much time to setup the game initially because of the many markers and accessories that need to be placed on and around the board.

Rulebook: Unfortunately the rules are not explained in a simple manenr and without many details, a fact that leads to misunderstandings and continuous check of the rulebook.

Final Verdict:

Exodus: Proxima Centauri is a space opera, where you have to conquer planets while efficiently using your resources, technologies and accessories. It could also be characterized as a 4X game. It will reminds you quite a lot of Eclipse, in some issues you will prefer it and in some issues not, but this is up to personal taste.

Who is it for:

Family Gamer: No. The setup time and the game’s duration are too long, facts that will certainly repel many players of the category.

Social Gamer: Social Gamer: Maybe. The fact that the game can be played with 6 players is very positive, but the bad thing is that the game’s duration increases and that will prove to be tiring.

Strategy Gamer: Yes. The available markers are few, which will make them think more of their technological and conquering alternatives. The strategy level is very high, but in the battlefield the dice are very important.

Hobby Gamer: Maybe. A simple game as far as the game mechanics are concerned, which lasts many hours.

Hardcore Gamer: Yes. In every game they will have to choose technologies, accessories and upgrades in order to create a good economy and a strong and large fleet.


Game Contents:

48 plastic space ships
30 D6 Dice
185 Wooden Cylinders
150 Wooden Cubes
43 Hexes
24 Ship blueprints
168 Movement tokens
18 Vote tokens
54 Ship Drives - Upgrade tokens
66 Ship Shields - Upgrade tokens
96 Ship Cannons - Upgrade tokens
34 Planetary Weapons - Rocket tokens
18 Centaurian Resistance Ships
55 Crystallized Platinum Tokens
33 Centaurian Resistance cards
6 Turn Order cards
6 Turn Structure cards
6 Bonus Action cards
36 Action Cards (6 per Player)
45 Small size Political Cards
7 A4 Playmats
6 Players Board^
1 High Council Board
1 Rulebook




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