King of Tokyo

In King of Tokyo, players take the role of cute monsters that compete for which will have the pleasure to destroy Tokyo. With the help of the dice and the proper use of the properties which you are given through the cards, try to become the happy monster that will destroy Tokyo.

Average duration: 30'

Age: 8+

MSRP: $ 39.99

Thumbs Up:


Component Quality: The quality of the materials is quite high, while the artwork is really beautiful, adding to the already easy and fun gameplay.

Interaction: The interaction between players in this game is intense and makes each round very interesting and entertaining.

Difficulty: King of Tokyo is a fairly simple dice game that is not difficult at all to learn.

Replayability: While the title is basically a dice game, players have at their disposal a variety of choices each turn, thus greatly increasing game replayability. 

Thumbs Down:


Component Quality: While the component quality of the title is quite high, as already mentioned, it would be much better if the players' characters (the monsters) were not just cardboard miniatures, something that would add to the value of this title.

Replayability: The selection of the monster has no importance to the outcome of the game, as it does not have a particular characteristic or power, something that changes in the expansion of the game.


Final Verdict:


King of Tokyo is a simple, fast and fun dice game, which gives players a good range of choices and adds to the game a sense of strategy, making it quite interesting.


Who is it for:


Family Gamer: Yes. The beautiful looks of the game match the simple and understandable rules, and definitely make it a title that will entertain players of this category.

Social Gamer: Yes. Being simple, quick and with strong interaction between players, King of Tokyo is certainly a title that social gamers will love.

Strategy Gamer: No. Although luck is not the only factor that will determine the winner in this game, the strong presence of the dice is a feature that will repel this type of gamers.

Hobby Gamer: Maybe. A game with beautiful appearance which can be played by new gamers is definitely a title that will satisfy most of hobby gamers.

Hardcore Gamer: No. A simple dice game, it is a title that is not at all interesting to the specific category of gamers, despite its competitive character.


Game Contents:


66 cards
6 monster boards
6 monster tokens with plastic stand
8 six-sided dices
50 energy tokens
28 tokens (cards effects)
Color Rulebook





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