Memoir 44

Choose your side and your army units and get ready to take part in some of the most important battles of World War II. Memoir 44 is a relatively simple and quick war simulation game, which will give you the experience of battle without complicated rules and the sheer length that characterizes such games.

Number of players: 1-2

Average Duration: 30’-60'

Age: 8+

MSRP: $60

Thumbs Up:

Difficulty: The rules are relatively easy for a game of this category, which is quite pleasing, because the fans of this genre usually deal with complex, heavy and lengthy games.

Setup duration: The time required to set up the game and put it back in the box is also the shortest you wll find in this genre.

Downtime: Due to the relative simplicity of the game, players will not have to wait too long for each other.

Replayability: The wide variety of missions as well as the nature of the board, which give you many configuration options, will make you enjoy the game for a long time.

Thumbs Down:

Component Quality: Miniatures, cards and board pieces without being of poor quality, lack attention to detail.

Stategy vs Luck: Simplicity usually comes at a cost. The cost in this case is strategy. Several times you will feel that your options are limited as you will just follow the instructions on your cards and not the strategy you planned in your mind and then you will be faced with the luck factor resulting from the dice.

Final Verdict:

Although it is wargame, Memoir 44 is not highly strategic, as would be expected, but a faster and easier way to play a game of this genre with a WWII theme. It's a game that will be highly appreciated by those searching experience that a wargame can provide without having to deal with complex rules and endless hours of setting up the game.

Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Maybe. Memoir 44 is an alternative type of the classic toy soldiers game that everyone has tried, of course within a rules framework.

Social Gamer: No. The very nature of the game does not make it suitable for this type of players. Although simple in its category, it is not so simple as to entertain a social gamer.
Strategy Gamer: Maybe. The mechanism of the game although simple, still requires some strategy in the proper use of cards in order to achieve victory. It may not have the depth and level of strategy that would appeal to this type of players, but it certainly remains a miniature war game, with all that this entails.

Hobby Gamer: Yes. In this game one does not find the characteristics of a miniature war game that would repel most players in this category, such as the long setup time, gameplay complexity etc.
Hardcore Gamer: No. Only the fact that luck is sometimes stronger in the game than the required strategy is enough to repel hardcore players.

Game contents:

1 double-sided Battlefield board map
144 Axis and Allies Army Pieces
36 Obstacles
44 Terrain Tiles
60 Command Cards
9 Summary Cards
8 Battle Dice
2 Card Holders
1 Rules & Scenario Booklet

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