Mayfair bids farewell to Martin Wallace

In a press release characterized as strange by many, Mayfair bid farewell to the known designer and said their roads will now be separated. What made people wonder is that Martin Wallace designed games for other companies too. We remind you that their last title was released in 2013, and it was The Witches, a game in world of Discworld.

The company clarified that the games that are scheduled for production and those that are already published, are not affected by this decision. Therefore the Steam expansion should be expected within 2015. 

Other media shed light on the case, saying that Wallace's company, Treefrog, and Mayfair were differences in the publication of his new game Ships. Wallace says Mayfair would publish the standard version of the game and Treefrog the Limited one. The problem was created when Mayfair asked to delay the production of the game for 2016. Wallace did not want to lose those who had already paid for the limited version of the game and asked Mayfair to return the rights of the standard edition to Treefrog, so the game could be printed in 2015. " I asked for something in writing to this effect.  I was not expecting a public press release," he said among others.

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