Krosmaga: the Krosmoz card game

As the family of Krosmaster continues to grow steadily while the latest addition, Krosmaster Quest is not even a month around, a new title will be added very soon in the highly successful and constantly growing Krosmaster family.

This is Krosmaga: the Krosmoz card game. Unfortunately the information for this title is minimal. What we know is that this is an electronic online competitive card game, in which players take the roles of the gods of the world and will be able to have at their disposal precostructed decks with known characters from the world of Krosmaster or even create their own deck using cards from the collection. The game is played on a board with a 5 * 8 grid on which players place the characters that are summoned from the deck. The characters will have known features from other games of the series, such as movement points, action points, spells etc. Once the characters have been summoned, they are not controlled by the player, but move straight to the first opponent they find in front of them, as in any classic tower defense game . Also whichever God you choose to play, you have different features and strengths than the others.

Finally, the company has left the possibility open for a natural version of the game, in the form of a classic card game

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