Simurgh gets a premium expansion

Following the success of Simurgh at Spiel Essen, where the limited release of 350 copies was sold out, NSKN Games is committed to make the game widely available. Thus, on 24-Nov-2015 at 11:00 EST, NSKN Games will launch a Kickstarter campaign to seek funding for Simurgh and its upcoming expansion, Call of the Dragonlord.

Call of the Dragonlord is the result of joint efforts from designers Pierluca Zizzi, Błażej Kubacki and Andrei Novac. With several modules, this expansion will bring new features to Simurgh and will also enhance its current strengths.

In specific, for the expansion, NSKN mentions that it is a premium modular expansion for Simurgh, that introduces a second board depicting the Forgotten Metropolis, Call of the Dragonlord also adds a new type of Vassal – the Wizard – as well as a set of new Action Tiles. Furthermore, the Wizard can be used by players either separately or in combination with their workforce, while with the Forgotten Metropolis in play the wizards can be moved on three different tracks, each providing Power Points and resources, of course at a cost. Lastly, the leadership tiles is the new set of Action Tiles introduced in the expansion that can either be used with the new board or added in the base game.

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