New OP coordinator for Paizo

Paizo Inc., publisher of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, announced the appointment of Tonya Woldridge as the new Organized Play Coordinator for Pathfinder Society, the world’s largest organized play campaign.
Woldridge, a 5-star GM (Game Master), has been serving in Pathfinder Society as Venture-Lieutenant in the United Kingdom, a Venture-Captain in Canada, and a Gen Con HQ volunteer for the past three years.
Says Erik Mona, Paizo’s publisher, “Pathfinder Society is one of the most-important programs we have for Pathfinder players, and we looked long and hard for the right person to take the helm. Tonya will bring expertise, a passion for roleplaying, and a fresh spirit to our Organized Play, and we can’t wait for Pathfinder Society’s 60,000 members to play the best Pathfinder Society yet.”
Woldridge holds Bachelor’s Degrees in History and Asian Studies. She is married to a Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force and is a mother of two. Outside of Pathfinder, Woldridge enjoys reading, researching historical crafts, brewing, dancing, singing, and cooking. She has been a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism for more than 20 years.
“I’m extremely excited to take on the mantle of Organized Play Coordinator,” says Woldridge. “The staff at Paizo, the team of Venture-Officer volunteers, and army of players are top-notch. I look forward to organizing Pathfinder Society play for enthusiasts worldwide. Hold on and get ready for a fun ride!”

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