Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies


In the Warring Colonies variant of the new Dead of Winter expansion, two teams of 2-5 players will clash over territory and resources in a colony vs. colony fight for survival.  While most of the gameplay in this variant remains the same as a standard game of Dead of Winter, some key changes and additions to the mechanics make Warring Colonies a new and unique experience. 

Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies also provides a new team vs. team mode of playing Dead of Winter for up to 11 players.

With competitive main objectives and shared crises, Warring Colonies offers new and varied challenges for your colony as goals, promises, and priorities regularly clash.  Join us next week as we take a look at the newest survivors to brave the cold as well as the random item deck you can use to enhance any game of Dead of Winter.

The game will be available in retail this August. 

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