Raoul's first French campaign


Game On Tabletop, the innovative new crowdfunding platform dedicated to tabletop games, and Black Book Editions, publishers of Polaris RPG and the Mythic Battles:Pantheon RPG, announce today the return of Raoul, le jeu de role qui sent sous les bras (The RPG whose armpits stink). First released in 1994 by Patrice Larcenet and illustrated by Manu Larcenet, the Raoul RPG brings simple rules and a humoristic view of French life together in a fun new edition. 

Authored by Cedric Ferrand and powered by his own hack of the Apocalypse World game system, Raoul 2nd edition puts players on summer vacation in France, living the good life with noisy barbeques, Pastis competitions, loud leisurewear and doing their best to annoy the locals at favorite camping spots. 

Raoul will power-through a limited, one-week campaign on Game On Tabletop to launch the Raoul 2nd Edition rulebook, along with an additional scenario, a limited edition “Naturalist Edition” rulebook, GM screen, PC power cards, plus Raoul-branded bath towel and tote bag for immersive summer holiday fun. All first-day backers will also receive a free ocean-scented car air freshener. 

“We are excited about having Raoul be the very first French project under the new Game On brand,” says Damien Coltice, Black Book Editions spokesperson. “This is certainly the most emblematic French RPG out there and we are thrilled to bring this second edition back in a whole new glory.” 

After four years of hosting highly successful tabletop crowdfunding campaigns in France under the name Casus Belli, Game On Tabletop is a community-driven platform for gamers, by gamers.

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