Plan B purchases eggertspiele


Plan B games, which is a Canadian game publisher recently acquired eggertspiele, German publisher that specializes in tactical and strategic games. The purchase was able to take place because Plan B games has a German subsidiary in Stuttgart. W. Eric Martin reports that in a personal conversation with Sophie Gravel, owner of Plan B games, she mentioned that "When an opportunity appears, it is almost impossible for me not to grab it."

Spielbox notes that "Eggertspiele founder Peter Eggert intends to actively contribute to the development and distribution of new games for three more years". It has been reported that the eggertspiele releases for ESSEN 2017 are still on. The two new games Heaven & Ale from Michael Kiesling and Andreas Schmidt and Reworld from Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling were completed by the eggertspiele team in terms of design and development, however after the acquisition, the marketing and sales of the titles falls to the hands of the Plan B team. 

Conversations are still taking place in order to sort out issues regarding partnerships that eggertspiele has formed over the years. It will be interesting to see how this folds out in the future. 

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