A Game of Thrones Catan


Fantasy Flight Games has announces A Game of Thrones themed Catan. This is a strategic game based on the series A Song of Ice and Fire and adapted to one of the classic board games,  by Klaus and Bejamin Teuber. 

If you are familiar with the classic board game Settlers of Catan, FFG mentions that you "will find several familiar elements present in A Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch, but with several exciting and interesting additions. Thematic and compelling art dominates the components, immersing you in the vibrant world of A Song of Ice and Fire. A brand new and beautifully illustrated gameboard represents the territory north of the wall, all the way to the Frostfangs. Wonderfully sculpted figures of imposing Wildlings, Giants, guards, and more help tell the story of your desperate struggle to shield the realms of men. The game preserves the classic hex-tile gameplay of the original Catan, each of which supplies one of five resources, with one exception in the barren Ice Fields, where nothing is produced."

For those of you visiting Gen Con you can visit the FFG  booth there and check out the game, or else, you can wait till Q4 that it hits retail

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