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Internationale Spieltage, Spiel’17 is coming closer; from October 26th to 29th, people in Essen – Germany – will have the chance to live four days of fun, playing and testing thousands of games and novelties together with gamers from all over the world. 

During the fair, dV Giochi will première two brand-new games, Minute Realms and Origami, characterized by simple but challenging game rules. We will also show two game expansions which made their first public appearance this August at Gen Con: Dark Tales -The Little Mermaid and BANG! Armed & Dangerous, and the two titles of the new Deckscape series, released just a few months ago: Test Time and The fate of London. 

As every year, we will also show the winner of the “Best Unpublished Game of 2016/2017" contest, Mucho Macho.



Minute Realms is the most compact city-building game ever. Over a handful of rounds, players will build up their realm and make it grow by spending their riches. Kings must make important decisions: they can add splendor to their lands by constructing fine buildings, or they can defend them with imposing bastions to repel the inevitable tide of invaders. Every decision is crucial to the fate of the realm—and every single move can be the difference between victory and defeat!



Origami is a simple, fast, and fun card game suitable for the whole family and for having an enjoyable time with 2 to 4 friends. Players dress the part of origami masters facing off for the title of Best Origami Artist. Each player has to collect folds in order to play Origami cards. Whoever can best combine the special abilities of his origami cards will have victory at hand!



Number of Gold, the winner of the “Best Unpublished Game of 2016/2017" contest, was designed by Evin Ho from Hong Kong, and dV Giochi is recognizing the award by publishing the game in cooperation with Cartamundi, the world-leading manufacturer of playing cards.

The finished game is called Mucho Macho, and it refers to a classic attraction at carnivals: the High Striker game—which challenges players to gauge their strength.

Playing Mucho Macho is super easy! Players must choose two cards to swing the hammer: from 00 to 99. The strongest player chooses two prize cards first, but must put the lowest number into his hand, which is worth more victory points! The goal of the game is to gather more prizes than the others and prove that you are the strongest macho.


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