Stronghold preorders open


Stronghold Games has announced that it has opened preorders for all its end of year releases. This means that preorders have opened for 18 titles in total,  including base games and expansions.

Here are just some highlights:

Space Freaks

"Welcome to Arena of Annihilation!", shouts the Arena Master!

This is tactical combat game with a unique twist: By choosing a Head, Body, Arms, and Legs, you will create new Space Freaks each game, which gives the game extreme replayability.  Once created and equipped, you send your Space Freaks off into combat against your opponents in the Arena, or accept missions from the Arena Master to gain points.  Plastic miniatures, tactical combat, variable gameplay, great fun!


Fast Forward Series:  FEAR, FORTRESS, and FLEE

Games You Play Without Reading Rulebooks!

Have you ever considered a new game where you could just open the box, gather your friends, and start playing... without reading a rulebook?  Introducing the Fast Forward Series! Each game is thematically and mechanically different from one another.  Each game enables you to just get your friends together and start playing!  You'll play each game 10 or more times before playing the entire system, and then... you can start it again with the same or a different group!


Indian Summer

The second in Uwe Rosenberg's Puzzle Trilogy following

Cottage Garden. At the heart of the game are puzzle tiles with holes that are placed on individual forest boards to cover up treasures. When players get their hands on these, they gain more options and an edge over their opponents. This game is firmly geared towards experienced players.

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