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Great Fire of London 1666:

Will you save London or Watch it Burn?

September 1666. A careless baker in Pudding Lane forgot to put out his fire and it spread creating an inferno which would destroy 13,000 houses and make 70,000 of London’s 80,000 population homeless. The Lord Mayor fails to act and it is down to the trained bands of militia led by a few worthies to fight the fire and finally put it out. To do so they must decide which districts to demolish to protect others. These same individuals own much of London and making such choices is painful. In the end though it is an opportunity for many. Someone is going to come out of this with the most property intact and someone will be seen to do the most to fight the fire. Could that someone have enough influence and popularity to become the next Mayor?

This 3rd edition is an updated version which builds on improvements made to components in the previous editions. The game will be published at Essen Spiel in October 2017.

Nine Worlds: Sagas and Treasures released at Essen

2016 saw the release of Nine Worlds at Essen Spiel. Our demo tables were full all show and there was constant activity at the stand. This year we are releasing our Sagas and Treasures expansion.

The battles to control the Nineworlds take on a new dimension with the introduction of hidden objectives to fulfill. At the same time, in their efforts to conquer the Nineworlds, the lords of each world turn to powerful artifacts and potent treasures to gain the advantage. Can you still conquer the Nineworlds?

Players can decide if they wish to play with both Objectives and Treasures or just use one set for their game. Players may use 1 or two Treasures in the game which each have an unique power they can use to give them the edge. Objectives are hidden goals players can score bonus points for achieving.

Can you still conquer the Nine Worlds?

Playtests of Magnificent Flying Machines

This game takes inspiration from the great air races of circa 1908 to 1913 which took place in the pioneering era of Air travel. These air races galvanised interest across the world and encouraged by generous prizes by Newspapers and other sponsors attracted international entries.

Air travel was risky and most unreliable. Often only a small number of the entrants would make it to the finish line. Will one of your pilots manage to face up to the challenge? But watch out: In this era of gentlemanly behaviour and stiff upper lips there are a few cads and bounders who will cheat to win.

Medusa Games is arranging some play test sessions of this future release. The game won't be for demo out all of Essen so if you want to book a play test slot drop an email

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