New games by NSKN


New games as well as sneak peeks on their future releases have been announced by NSKN games. That's what you will find at their booth at Essen SPIEL


Dragonsgate College

Authors: Thomas Vande Ginste & Wolf Plancke

For 2-4 players

Play time: 60-90 minutes

  • Be the craftiest Head of an Student House and train your apprentices to be the best wizards, rogues and warriors of all times!
  • Use innovative dice placement mechanism to your advantage and benefit from other players using your dice
  • Build a unique School of Dangerous Arts to host your professors and apprentices
  • Enjoy high replayablility and great art design


Shadowscape and Deeper Dungeon

Author: Błażej Kubacki

For 1-4 players

Play time: 60 minutes

  • Choose between cooperative and competitive play mode
  • Fight the dark monstrosities dwelling in the murky dungeons
  • Manage one of the thirteen unique heroes and their special action cards
  • Gather weapons, new abilities, find treasures to face the Dungeon Lord in the exciting adventure finale!
  • Shadowscape rules are here!


Chronicles of Frost

Author: Błażej Kubacki

For 2-4 players

Play time: 60 minutes

  • Discover new lands in the Mistfall universe
  • Play as one of the loved heroes known from the previous games
  • Race against other players to fulfil the adventure chapters you get randomly at the start of the game
  • Fight new enemies, hire other adventurers and write your own Chronicle to score the most points
  • Draft rules can be found here!


City of Gods Teotihuacan

Author: Daniele Tascini

For 2-5 players

Play time: 45-90 minutes

  • Enjoy new, innovative rondel and dice placement mechanism
  • Build a tridimentional, monumental Pyramid of the Sun
  • Play differently each time thanks to ever-changing scoring rules
  • Please the ancient gods and gain their favours


Paladin Card Protection

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