Horrible Games at Essen


With the SPIEL fair in Essen roughly just a week away, they made a recap of all their horrible plans. This is what you will find at their booth if you visit them at Hall 3, booth 3-Q106!

Dragon Castle and a whole lot of promos!

Their newest game, Dragon Castle™, will be officially released at the fair. Dragon Castle is freely inspired by the traditional Chinese game, Mahjong. They will also give a bunch of free promos to everyone buying a copy during the fair!

Potion Explosion, new expansion... and promos!

Their award-winning Potion Explosion™ and its brand new expansion, The Fifth Ingredient, will also be available at their booth! The Fifth Ingredient adds 4 new Potions, 8 game-changing Professors and a whole new ingredient: the wild Ghost Ectoplasm!

The first Potion Explosion promo kit will also be available! It includes a new, exclusive potion, the Fulminating Serum, a set of 6 deluxe Skill tokens made with acrylic plastic and a player mat to keep all of the game components tidily organized while you play! They will be free of charge for anyone purchasing The Fifth Ingredient, but they will also be available for purchase.

ALONE™ Essen Preview Event!

During the fair you will be able to be among the very first people in the world to try their Kickstarter-funded asymmetric dungeon crawler, Alone™! There will be 4 daily presentation sessions; each session will take approximately 2 hours (including player reception, rules explanation and gameplay session). The game will be demoed using one of the first prototypes of the Kickstarter-exclusive “Cultist” deluxe edition, with resin-cast 3D map tiles. All the participants to the event will also receive a special gift: a random resin-cast copy of one of the miniatures from the game, as a limited and precious souvenir of the preview experience. Since the available seats are extremely limited, if you would like to participate to the event send a booking request by filling this survey as soon as possible. You will then be contacted by the Horrible staff to confirm your booking. Seats will be filled on a “first come, first served” basis, so hurry up!

Raise Your Goblets, Steam Park, Dungeon Fighter...

You will also find all their previous games, of course... Raise Your Goblets, Steam Park and its two expansions, Play Dirty and Robots, Dungeon Fighter and its four elemental expansions, Co-Mix. 

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