Ancient board game discovered


During excavations at a tomb of a German prince in Poprad, Slovakia, archaeologists have discovered an ancient board game. This game was initially found in 2006, and after the maintenance and research work done by archaeologists, it seems to be unparalleled across Europe.

The game is 1600 years old and looks like chess, as it has squares and white and green pawns that have also been preserved. Archaeologists have called for an expert from Switzerland, Ulrich Schadler, director of the Geneva Games Museum to make his assessment. Schadler is the one who must understand how this game was played. By the end of 2018 it is expected that the game will be exhibited along with the other finds of this grave at the Podtatranske Museum in Poprad.

The German prince is likely to have served as a high-ranking soldier in the Roman army and this game reveals his social background.

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