12 Realms: Bedtime Story

The game takes on a whole new level, as it invades beloved bedtime stories and exotic tales alike. Atlantis Realm is about to face a terrible sea threat, Pinocchio is trying to save the Clockwork Shire, a god rises in Tang Dynasty, and a mad man threats Horrorville. Players will have to challenge new even more powerful invaders, overcome extreme adversities such as flooding map tiles and timed areas and even resist the desire to join the Dark Lords in their everlasting campaign to plunge the Realms into Darkness. But all is not lost, as the players will be able to recruit even more powerful Heroes, visit new famous special buildings, and acquire a plethora of new and powerful Talents. Will the Heroes manage to save the Realms this time, or will the Master Dark Lord cast his shadow over them, forever damning them to become nightmarish versions of the tales that once lulled us all to sleep?

Mage company will launch Bedtime Story on Kickstarter on April and will offer once more hand painted miniatures. 

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