DC Comics new expansion

Your favorite DC themed deckbuilding game now gets its 3rd crossover pack. Play as one of the new heroes, Lightining Lad, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, and more!

Take on Super-Villains like Time Trapper, Emerald Empress, Persuader and many others in new expansion for the DC Comics Deck Building Game. A new keyword is used in the new cards of the game that will take you back in time. The word is Time Travel and can be played at the cost of discarding a card from your hand, giving you a bonus for that round; however you won't be able to buy or use the card again.

This new expansion is expected to sharpen your mind, as it will lead to the design of new decks for your favorite game.

* The above expansion pack is not autonomous. You need the DC Comics Deck-building Game, Heroes Unite, Forever Evil, or the Teen Titans in order to use it

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