Number of players: 2-4

Average duration: 15'

Age: 14+

MSRP: $9.99


This game takes place in an alternate distant future in which there is a huge digital network, codenamed Nexus, which is controlled by the global economy and information. Because the Nexus is constantly attacked by hackers, large multinationals have created an artificial intelligence with the codename Cypher. This artificial intelligence detects vulnerabilities of the Nexus faster than any hacker and they are corrected. Over the years, however, it has evolved enough to have its own will and decided to take control of Nexus.

The players in this you take on the role of various factions and try to create a group of hackers who will be able to dominate the Cypher and gain control of the Nexus. One of the key features of this title will be the draft mechanism, as each player at the end of the round must select one of the cards in their hand and give it to the player on their left and another which they give to the player to their right.


Game Contents:

19 character Cards
4 Reference Cards
Nexus pouch
1 rulebook





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