Uwe Rosenberg presents you with Nusfjord a strategic game for one to five players, which is almost equivalent to a holiday through the illustrations made by Patrick Söder.

Nusfjord puts players in the beautiful landscape of the Lofoten Islands. In these northerly areas, you have to own a successful fishing enterprise. To do this, the fleet must be enlarged, the forest cleared, new buildings need  to be built and the local elders have to be satisfied. But competition does not sleep! Anyone who needs quick money can offer his shares for sale, but the risk is that he has to participate in the buyer's catch.

Already known from titles such as e.g. Agricola or Ora et Labora, the worker placement mechanism also plays a central role in Nusfjord. Thus, each player has three workers from the beginning, which he alternates with the other players, on the central game board, so as to trigger certain actions. Whether a forest has been cleared, a new cutter has been bought, or another building has to be built, a worker has to be placed on the appropriate field. This is, of course, only possible if there is still room available for this worker on this field of action. In this way, the players enlarge their fishing fleet, erect high-quality buildings and recruit the elders of the village to get to the top of the local fishing industry.

Two new special features ensure a varied playing feeling. Money is scarce and one of the quicker and easier ways to get it is to throw shares of your own company onto the market. This risky game can be worthwhile for you, because if you succeed in buying these parts yourself, you have usually won money and you have not suffered any disadvantages. If, however, an opponent acquires these shares from now on, you must participate in your hard-earned catches. 

The game will be released in this year's Essen SPIEL by Lookout Games


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