Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game


*photo by W.E. Martin on BGG

The favorite game by Stephan Feld is now getting a dice version. Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game is already available in Germany and is published under the alea brand of Ravensburger. In the US it will be debuting at BGG Con in November 2017. The game is co designed by Stephan Feld and Christoph Toussaint and is for 1-5 players. 

From the game description: 

The game comes with 5 dice: A timer die, 2 number dice, and 2 color dice.

Like the board game, the idea is to fill as many things on your board, and get the most points, mostly by completing color regions.

One player rolls the dice, and then everyone picks 2 dice to use: A color die, representing a type of hex on the board, and a number.

A hex can only be filled on the board if it's adjacent to an already-filled hex, or your starting castle, and each type of hex has its own rules for which number can be used to fill it, and its own reward.

When completing a region of hexes, you get points, as well as a reward that you can then cross off to activate, such as workers and monks that let you treat a number or color die as having any value, and silver that lets you 

use a second combination of dice on a turn.

The timer die sets the pace of the game, and also triggers a "shipping" action, where players can cross off collected crates for points.

There are 4 different board layouts included. Solo mode is included. 

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