Century Golem Edition


Plan B Games is very proud to announce that Century Golem Edition will be available in retailers later this year. Debuting at GenCon 50 last year, Century Golem Edition was met with much fanfare and critical acclaim! Fans adored the manga inspired artwork, gorgeous components, and, of course, the elegant game mechanisms. Although the Golem Edition was originally sold exclusively on the Plan B webstore, it's popularity was undeniable. Plan B Games has paired with international partners to bring Century Golem Edition to retailers in North America, the UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, and Japan beginning around Q2 2018!   

Century Golem Edition was designed by Emerson Matsuuchi and is a fantasy themed version of the smash hit Century Spice Road. In the game, players serve as crystal traders who establish a trading network to collect the right combination of crystals to activate powerful ancient golems. In an effort to distinguish the Golem edition from Spice Road, all of the components were replaced to match the exciting new setting. Fans looking to optimize their gaming experience should consider purchasing the Century Golem Edition playmat found exclusively at the Plan B webstore.   

Century Golem Edition is best suited for crystal traders ages 10 and older.  While it could take a century to establish a crystal trading network, we expect a game of Century Golem edition to only take 30 – 45 minutes. 

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