Japanime Games Announces Retailer Support Program

The first phase is the Premier Store Program.  Retailers who have physical locations and host at least 1 sanctioned Krosmaster: Arena Tournament or Tanto Cuore Tournament per month can qualify for Premier status. Premier stores can purchase items such as organized play kits, which include promotional prize support for tournaments; and tournament kits, which include boards, scenery and dice for tournament play - everything needed for an 8 player Krosmaster tournament other than the figures themselves. They will also have access to special Pre-orders offers of upcoming product that will include promotional figures and cards for all Japanime Games titles. In addition, Premier stores will have access to limited edition accessories as well as unique promotional opportunities. Japanime Games also has increased the robust nature of their demo team, and are happy to partner demo staff with willing stores and communities. This program is going into effect immediately, with special offerings being available for Premier Stores that are already running Japanime Games events.

The second phase of Japanime Games’ Retailer Support Program is the launching of a Minimum Advertised Price Policy for all retailers. Starting January 1, 2015, Japanime Games will require that all retailers no longer post an online price of less than 20% off of MSRP. Japanime Games hopes that this will reduce the concern many retailers have over the online deep discount distribution of their products. This will go into effect immediately on January 1st.

The key to Japanime Games’ future is in the community it has fostered. While we reach out to the community on Facebook, Twitter and Kickstarter, as well as at over 30 conventions a year, it is vital to have the connection with the local game store. This program will benefit our fans, the stores and the brands that we have been building over the last year.

Any retailers that are interested in running tournaments and signing up for the Premier Store Program should contact our head of OP, Rich Gain, at .

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