Black Friday Box by AEG

This box is considered a collectors item and will be released on November 28th. The box will include four games, which have not been announced yet. On a concern expressed regarding whether one might already own the games, AEG answered:

"There is a chance that you may have one of the four in there. We can guarantee that no one has the others. Also note that every box is the same, so it's not like you'll get "better" or "worse" than anyone else's."

Hints were given that the box will include games which are stand alone expansions, published games with alternate art versions and exclusive content to this Box only. Initally it was said that the box will be on sale for one day only, however AEG ensured that this will not be the case, but highlighted that the quantities are so limited that those wanting the box should purchase it on Black Friday. The game will be available in bricks and mortar stores only. Pre-orders for the Box are open, and its MSRP is $49.99. Hovever be ware, as AEG states: "Even with a PRE-ORDER we cannot guarantee the orders since distribution is handling how they sell the product."

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