NY Toy Fair 2015 recap

Let's see the most interesting announcements from the world of board games right from the NY Toy Fair

A new expansion has been announced for hit family game Takenoko. Takenoko Chibis, which is expected to be released in Gen Con 2015 adds not one, not two, but nine new baby pandas! Now players can play with the whole Takenoko panda family, mama, papa and kids. 

Kosmos has announced new editions for seveal games we love, like Cahuna, Lost Cities, Ubongo, due to be released in March, but perhaps the most interesting news was that the company has announced it will publish the english edition for Legends of Andor, along with all its expansions, something which was missing from the board games market. 

Wizards of the Coast presented Temple of Elemental Evil, the new board game in the D&D series, in collaboration with WizKids. The game has the same style with the rest of the series and can be enjoyed both as an independent game or mixed with the previous publications. 

WizKids also presented DC Dice Masters: Justice League, the starter set of which is due to be released in April, a mockup for Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers - Age of Ultron, due for June, DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light, due for August and the Organized Play Kit for X-Men Dice Masters, Marvel Dice Masters The Dark Phoenix Saga

Many announcements came from Gale Force Nine in the licensed games field, with Black Sails being pushed back in order to coincide with the third season of the series, and an announcement that the company has acquired the rights to produce Family Guy and WWE games. The latter will also feature organized play. 

Mayfair has announced the 5th edition for Settlers of Catan, which is now named Catan, which has new artwork and features a Travel Edition too. The company also presented its new game Flea Market, an auction game with a twist. 

Konami has presented a relatively big series of Yu-Gi-Oh! boosters and starter sets, expected to be released until June. 

New games for AEG too, that is preparing a few more Love Letter editions, with  Adventure Time Love Letter and Once You Go Blackmail, A Love Letter Game, based on the show Archer. The company also presented Rumpelstiltskin, a game were players try to guess the name of the magical ork, gnome or other mythical being that their opponents have. 

Several announcements were also made by Hasbro, who presented details on its Magic the Gathering board game, while it also announced a few games in its Marvel series, including Monopoly Avengers Edition and Operation Marvel Super Hero Adventures Edition where players try to take debris off Iron Man's suit, as well as a series of games and toys for Jurassic World

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