WizKids Announces Wardlings

WizKids, the industry leader in quality pre-painted miniatures, is pleased to announce their newest line of RPG miniatures, Wardlings™, created with younger RPG players and their families in mind. Featuring a variety of child age human figures spanning a wide range of classes, the Wardlings miniature collection is set to launch early 2018. 

The Wardlings realm takes on a new twist to an otherwise classic fantasy world where kids are the adventurers. These fledgling adventurers gain their powers and abilities at a young age, allowing them to defeat the evil creatures in their world. Their powers, however, are fleeting. As the children grow, they begin to lose their powers over time. When they enter adulthood, most forget they ever adventured in the first place as everyday responsibilities take hold.

Wardlings players will be able to build a full adventuring party made up of Clerics, Druids, Fighters, Rangers, Rogues, and Wizards, with even more content planned for future releases. Pre-painted and fully assembled, they will be sold in a highly visible, clear package which includes a single adventurer and a complimentary pet companion.  Product packaging and price point will make it an easy addition to stores carrying the unpainted WizKids miniature line. 

“We’re very excited for the launch of Wardlings, our new WizKids property,” said WizKids COO, Bryan Kinsella. “We really wanted to design a line of miniatures, complete with a backstory, that young players and their parents can identify with. Wardlings combines action and adventure through the eyes of children whose powers help defeat the evil forces of their world.” When asked about future plans for the property he responded, “We’re starting with pre-painted miniatures and hope it resonates with everyone; if it does we have plans to bring the story of Wardlings to fans in more exciting ways.” 

Wardlings miniatures are made especially for Young Adventures, but can be enjoyed by all! Look for Wardlings to hit stores in Q1 2018. Pre-order your set today at your FLGS!

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