Game On Tabletop debuts in Italy


Game On Tabletop, the crowdfunding platform by gamers for gamers, and leading Italian hobby game publisher and distributor Giochi Uniti, announced they will partner to bring the wildly popular Starfinder Roleplaying Game to Italian gamers in a crowdfunding campaign that has launched. 

The Italian Starfinder RPG campaign features special pre-order discounts on the Starfinder Core Rulebook and extensions such as the Starfinder Alien Archive, all published in Italian. 

Says Giochi Uniti’s Stefano De Carolis, “We have been marketing the Italian version of Pathfinder (RPG) for years with great success and we’re thrilled to now partner with Game On Tabletop to launch the new Italian Starfinder. We firmly believe the Game On Tabletop platform will become an invaluable tool for seasoned board game companies and for new actors in the industry.” 

The campaign marks the first for Game On Tabletop in the Italian market. 

“We couldn’t have a better partner or a better game to make our Italy debut with,” says Laura Hoffmann, Game On Tabletop’s business manager. “We look forward to bringing more great games to the country through the community that knows tabletop games best – the tabletop gamer community.”

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