Aeon’s End Legacy

Kevin Riley and the IBC development team have spent the last year working on this truly unique spin on the “legacy” game concept.  Aeon’s End Legacy is a narrative, long form campaign experience in the world of Aeon’s End where you will build a character game by game. When the campaign is finished, you’ll have your own unique characters that you can use with any of the existing Aeon’s End content.  And since most of the legacy content is reusable, you’ll have a full big box expansion’s worth of additional Player cards, multiple Nemeses, and a full set of basic Nemesis cards. 

The game playtesters, designer and development team have been hard at work to create an amazing story and campaign that will be full of surprises. The feedback Indie Boards and Cards has received shows that they are on track to deliver on their design goals: a game for fans who are interested in the legacy experience and those who just want more content for Aeon’s End.  

Aeon’s End: Legacy will be launching Tuesday, February 13th on Kickstarter!

This kickstarter project will also offer the Update Packs for the different releases and expansions: 

  • Aeons End
  • Aeons End and Nameless
  • Aeons End and Depths.
  • Aeon’s End, Depths and Nameless

All Update Pack requests will be limited to the number of copies remaining.

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