Top 10 Essen 2014

With GenCon still fresh in our minds, the world of board games is ready to welcome the second great exhibition of the year, that of Essen.

The following list will mention ten titles which we think will steal the hearts of players around the world this coming year. It is worth noting that the list does not include titles that have already been presented in GenCon a few months ago as well as expansions and reprints.

1. Pandemic The Cure: Pandemic The Cure, or as it is already characterized by most, Pandemic with dice, is definitely a title that will make a huge success, as it is a lighter (more casual) version of a game that is a benchmark for cooperative games.

2. Alchemists: A title which combines board games with modern technology will also be debuting in Essen, as X-COM did in GenCon. In Alchemists players will assume the roles of alchemists that collected various ingredients and then make their experiments using their smartphone or tablet.

3. Korrigans: Korrigans is a strategy game with an interesting theme, as players will control elves (Korrigans) who seek to find the pot gold that appears at the end of the rainbow. Its contents respond to the usual high standards of the company (Matagot) strengthening even more its beautiful theme.

4. Mythotopia: Mythotopia is a deck-building game that takes place in a medieval fantasy world and is based on the mechanisms of the gerat game A Few Acres of Snow, with the main difference being that this new game can be played by two up to four players and not only by two. This together with the hope that in Mythotopia the issue of "a dominant strategy" which was present in an otherwise excellent A Few Acres of Snow will not exist, make it as a promising title.

5. Colt Express: Get ready to travel to the Wild West and take part in a train robbery. Colt Express is a game which is expected to attract attention, mainly because of its impressive board, which is essentially a three-dimensional train where players move their pawns as they try to rob it.

6. The Ancient World: The "new" designer Ryan Laukat after the excellent game City of Iron is back with his new game The Ancient World. The particular designer seems to give an equal weight to the mechanisms, the design and theme of the game, as he is responsible for the three aspects and therefore we expect another great game from him.

7. Planes: Planes as is evident from its title, is based on the company's (AEG) last year's title Trains, which has met tremendous success, with perhaps the most significant difference being in the approach of the title, as in Planes players do not assume the administration of an airline company but are passengers trying to board their flight on time.

8. Mysterium: Mysterium, or in Polish Tajemnicze Domostwo, is a game which has been described as a theme Dixit. In this game, players assume the role of psychics and visit a haunted mansion in order to unravel the mystery, while one player assumes the role of a ghost trying to communicate with other players by using different images which, as you might have guessed, are in a format similar to that of Dixit.

9. Arcadia Quest: Although CoolMiniOrNot will not be present at this year's Essen, their games will be, through their representative, and among those expected to make their first official appearance is Arcadia Quest, another title that has experienced tremendous success through Kickstarter.

10. Haru Ichiban: Haru Ichiban is a new strategy game for two players from the very successful designer Bruno Cathala. The game has excellent content and beautiful appearance, and should pique the interest of many players.

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