Top 10 Halloween Games

Halloween is one of these special times of the year and one of its distinctive characteristics is the spooky feeling it describes it.

The board gaming field is rich enough in titles which manage to create exactly this spooky feeling and here are some perfect games to play in such a day. The games appear in random order.

1. Fury of Dracula: Get ready to travel in Europe of the gothic centuries through a highly thematic game of mystery, treachery and strategy. A Count Dracula costume along with 4 other costumes of the era, would make a perfect fit for the game.

2. Zombie 15': Zombies are a very popular theme not only for Halloween but in general. Zombie 15' is a very fun and fast paced game, which touches upon the Zombie theme in a very light and humorous manner, and is definately a perfect game to play on this day.

3. Ghost Stories: A ghost themed game could not be absent from this list, and so we chose Ghost Stories, not only for its theme which makes it appropriate for the day, but also because it is a great co-op game.

4. It's Alive!: Become another Dr Frankestein and try to be the first who will shout out "It's Alive!" as you try to create and bring to life your own personal monster.

5. Mansions of Madness: H.P Lovecraft is one of the key writers of horror literature and Mansions of Madness is a game that manages to give the theme and the atmosphere of Lovecraft's writting in an excellent manner.

6. Betrayal at House on the Hill: Get ready to visit the haunted house at the top of the hill, but beware, because a traitor is among you! Or maybe it is you?

7. Night of the Grand Octopus: The newest game in our list is Night of the Grand Octopus, which presents the Cthulhu Mythos in a very light way, while its gameplay is easy to learn, thus making it a perfect option for a Halloween game night even with younger players.

Apart from the games that generally fit in the overall Halloween spooky feeling, there are some games that have expansions dedicated especially to Halloween.

8. King of Tokyo: Halloween: King of Tokyo is a game that fits great to the spirit of the day, and its Halloween expansion makes it an even greater choice.

9. Ticket to Ride: Although Ticket to Ride has nothing to do with this time of the year, its expansion Halloween Freighter manages to bring the Halloween spirit right to the game board and your suitcases.

Lastly another characteristic of the day is that it is the only time of the year that you can see zombies, aliens and witches marching together, and this is something that happens on the last game of our list.

10. Smash Up: Create your own unique army by combining two factions and get ready to face the combinations of your opponents in this very fun and creative card game.

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