TOP 10 Essen Spiel 2015

For yet another year, we are preparing to welcome one of the largest conventions of tabletop gaming, the Essen Spiel 2015.

As every year dozens of companies will attend the con and hundreds of new titles will make their debut. BGNews will be there for yet another year and before leaving, we couldn't resist to making a Top 10 list with the most anticipated games for us, and probably other gamers too.

1. Pandemic Legacy: For the 2nd consecutive year, the cooperative masterpiece by Matt Leacock is expected to steal the hearts of many players around the world. Pandemic once again ranks first on our list, in a new format, as the game that was loved by many players around the world takes on a new dynamic as it is enriched with the innovative Legacy mechanic. The game is characterized by constantly evolving features that will make Your personal experience unique. Your actions can reshape the world, the characters and even the diseases.

2. 504: This is the new title of the successful and eccentric designer Friedmann Friese and it is perhaps his most ambitious game so far. In the distant future scientists have designed 504 different lands, each with its own rules and players choose where they want to play. Actually the game consists of 9 different mechanisms and at the beginning of each game, the players choose three to combine them, thereby resulting in 504 different cobinations games, ie 504 different games.

3. One Night Ultimate Vampire: Bezier Games released another title on the very successful party games series , One Night Ultimate, and as expected it is a game which will satisfy party game lovers, as it seems to maintain the core characteristics that made the series so successful, adding its own new features that stand out from the rest. The game is stand alone and can be combined with One Night Ultimate Warewolf, One Night Ultimate Warewolf Daybreak or both.

4. T.I.M.E. Stories: The new title of Space Cowboys is certainly one of the games that many gamers are eager to try, as it is a quite particular game which the publisher has described as "decksploration". This title seems to give a particular emphasis on the story and the whole atmosphere generated both inside and outside the game, while players have to follow certain rules, but leaves room for the development of the characters and improvisation. Briefly in T.I.M.E. Stories players assume the roles of special agents who travel between space and time and try to solve various issues and are faced with many quizes, puzzles and enemies.

5. 7 Wonders Duel: Another great title of the past takes on a new form. In specific, 7 Wonders Duel, takes the classic game for many players and brings it on the table for two players alone. As a drafting game, 7 Wonders plays better as the number of players increases. The new, independent game Duel, designed by Antoine Bauza in collaboration with Bruno Cathala, is expected to keep the interest of the 2 players who decide to duel.

6. Bang! The Duel: This year is probably the year of beloved titles taking on new forms and Bang! could not be missing from the list. So this game too now gets a version exclusively for 2 players in which each player takes to embody law and order and the other the illegals. Each side has its own distinct character and their own deck of cards and each player tries to take out their opponent.

7. Epic PvP Fantasy: Epic PvP recently completed successfully their Kickstarter campaign. This is a card game which combines the successful mechanism of Smash Up, as at the beginning of each game you select the race and class of your character, and then mix the two respective decks, while it also adds a new and very interesting mechanic, that of the aggression pile. It seems that the success off the game will not only remain on Kickstarter.
8. Raptor: The famous Bruno duo, Bruno Cathala and Bruno Faidutti, unite their forces again to bring us a new game, a version of Matagot. It is a game for 2 players in which one player controls the raptors mother and her children while the other controls the scientists who are trying to neutralize and catch the dinosaurs before they manage to escape. Raptor is an asymmetric table card game that appears to have both the element of tactics and bluffing, as in each round players choose and play one of their cards where the lowest number activates the power of the card and the highest uses the point difference to move and attack.

9. Loop Inc.: Loop Inc is a time travelling game which approaches the topic from a lighter perspective as players are workers in a time travel company and try to achieve a more productive day by using the time machine. But things get complicated because whenever a player travels back to the beginning of the working day, they must be careful not to disturb the natural flow of time since their old selves are still in place.

10. Adventure Land: HABA is a company which is acclaimed in the field of childhood and preschool games, however this year is expected to release a tabletop game which is an average family strategy game. This alone is enough to peak the interest of many players and even though we have little information about the game it seems to be a rather interesting strategy, exploration and adventure title.

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