Top 10 Games For 2013

2013 was another great year for tabletop games, which can be said was mainly characterized by titles which replace older very successful games. Cutting to the chase, this is the list of 10 games that we believe stood out in 2013.

1. Hanabi: Hanabi is definitely the most impressive title for 2013 and the awards it gathered prove so. Hanabi is a cooperative game which proves that no complex rules or impresive components are needed in order to offer a rich gaming experience. All you need is a fresh new idea, such as keeping your cards the other way round and expect your teammates to give you information about them.

2. Eldrich Horror: Eldrich Horror is a cooperative adventure horror game, in which players assume the role of researchers and try to solve various mysteries and collect evidence in order to prevent an ancient evil from rising in the world. Eldrich Horror is a title which focuses on the story and the atmosphere, which it manages to create in an excellent way.

3. Krosmaster Arena: A title which was released through Kickstarter, Krosmaster Arena is a competitive, strategic miniatures game, with impressive components. Along with its balanced play mode it can satisfy even the most experienced players in the hobby.

4. Firefly: The Game: Firefly is a game based on the well-known television series and will definitely satisfly the series fans and even more, not only with its impressive content and excellent component quality, but also with its very interesting gameplay, which offers a variety of options without being tiring.

5. Trains: Another excellent deck building game was released in 2013, as it is common the past few years, and that is Trains. Trains introduces the use of a board in the deck-building category and this is a feature which gives a special dynamic in its gameplay, making it one of the most interesting games of this category.

6. Caverna, The cave farmers: Caverna is a title which essentially came to replace Agricola, a trully successful game, and it seems that it has done it. That alone is reason enough to be considered as one of the most significant releases of 2013.

7. Kemet: Based on the excellent game Cyclades, Kemet takes players in ancient Egypt where they take part in epic battles using the strength of their army and the mystical powers of the ancient gods of Egypt.

8. Bang! the dice game: Another title which is based on an older and very successful game, Bang! the dice game manages to maintain the key features of the title, while creating a faster, light and fun dice game, ideal for large groups.

9. Pathfinder adventure card game: Based on the highly successful role-playing game, Pathfinder adventure card game is a cooperative card game that manages to give to a fairly large extent the sense of development and progress of your character along with the story.

10. Forbidden Desert: Forbidden Desert is the thematic sequel to the title Forbidden Island, another game from the creator of Pandemic. Forbidden Desert is considered by many as a richer and more complete game than its predecessor, as it introduces new mechanics and characteristics that differentiate it enough from other games of the category.



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